Lip Enhancement

Enhancement vs. Rejuvenation

A lip enhancement appeals to many younger women who are keen to enhance their lips, whereas there are others who seek a more modest restoration. Although hyaluronic acid fillers are used in all cases, the approach is somewhat different. Therefore, it is important to have a clear understanding of the goals of the treatment.

Lip Enhancement

This is a very popular treatment. It is important for Dr. Rosenthal to understand exactly what you are seeking. For this reason, we suggest bringing along a photo of lips you desire.

Aging Lip

With time the lips lose volume and definition. Along with this, lines may develop in the skin around the mouth – the so-called “smokers” lines. These may develop even in those who have never smoked. The corners of the mouth may appear to turn downwards as well. Most of these changes can be readily corrected with fillers. Personal preference should determine the extent to which the lips are re-volumized. Correction of the downward lip corners and softening of the smokers lines can be addressed in the same treatment session. Bringing old photos of yourself to the treatment session may help identify the outcome you would be most happy with.

Lip treatments require a skillful and experienced approach. Dr. Rosenthal has performed numerous lip enhancements and restorations. Her artistry, expertise, and attention to detail deliver great results. Many clients comment on the subtle and natural looking results.


Age-related facial changes

Deterioration of the skin becomes apparent when we age. This is due to the effects of the sun and results in the skin becoming thinner and losing strength, hydration and elasticity. Brown spots can appear as can the appearance of small veins and large pores. The skin loses its smoothness...

Loss of Lip Volume

Loss of lip volume occurs over time. As a result, thinner lips with poor edge definition and a down turning of the lip corners. Vertical lines above the lip (smoker's lines) and creases in the lower lip may also occur.