The naturally-occurring age related facial changes can be grouped into 3 categories – Deflation, Deterioration and Descent.

Deflation happens as a result of the bone structure diminishing and shifting at varying degrees and the fat pockets in the face (cheeks for example) also shrink.

Deterioration of the skin becomes apparent when we age. It is due to the effects of the sun, the fact that the skin becomes thinner and loses its strength, hydration and elasticity. Brown spots can appear as can the appearance of small veins and large pores. The skin loses its smoothness and youthful glow due to the inefficient shedding of old dead cells from the surface of the skin, and an uneven texture can appear.

Descent of the fat around the cheeks and lower face gravitates downward and, since the skin is thinner and less elastic, folds can appear-particularly directed downwards from the corners of the mouth (marionette lines) and between the cheeks and the upper lip area.

The facial “triangle of youth” where there once was a narrower lower face has now been transformed by age into a “squarer” visage.


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