Unwanted Hair

Many people spend a lot of time and effort on removing unwanted hair. Shaving can lead to razor burn and rashes. While waxing requires you to grow out your hair for weeks at a time. Electrolysis can be slow as this method treats each hair follicle individually. All these methods can be costly in the long run as well as painful, and may require daily or monthly maintenance.

You can have laser hair removal in a safe, fast, and efficient manner. Say goodbye to waxing and shaving.

At the Rosenthal Clinic, we only use medical grade lasers for safe and effective hair removal on the face and body.


Laser Hair Removal

At the Rosenthal Clinic, we have several different lasers designed to provide safe treatment for all skin types - whether you are very dark or extremely fair. Inmode Diolaze®  is the first high-speed diode laser to deliver uncompromising power and efficacy. Inmode Diolaze® outperforms other high-speed systems that are available. 


Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has been used for many years to facilitate wound healing and has also played an important role in orthopedics, plastic surgery, and dentistry. It is frequently used to expedite the healing of sports injuries. In recent years, PRP has been used to treat hair loss and has...