Stretch Marks


Stretch marks are thought to be the result of the breakdown of the skin’s collagen and elastin in areas of stress on the tissues during periods of rapid growth or weight gain. Stretch marks commonly appear on the buttocks and upper thighs of adolescent girls, over the breasts and abdomen in pregnancy and over the back in teenage boys. In early stages stretch marks appear as reddened, puckered stripes and after several years they turn white.

In the early stages, the red or purple appearance of stretch marks can be improved using the Excel V laser which treats the increased vascularity and reduces the discoloration. Older stretch marks represent thinned-out scar tissue with a loss of both collagen and elastin. We use microneedling combined with PRP, Mosaic (non-ablative fractional laser), Radiesse and more.  Book a consultation and assessment with Dr. Rosenthal to learn more.

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