Sun damage is not part of the natural aging process associated with changes to the skin. Instead, it is the accumulated effect of exposure to the sun. This can result in brown pigmentation, melasma, broken blood vessels, dehydration, thinner skin, fine lines, enlarged pores, skin laxity, and even skin cancer. While most of us cannot escape sunlight – nor should we completely – exposure to sunlight or photo-aging will affect us all. Over the course of years, this condition accumulates from the repeated exposure to UV rays. It may not be seen in the very young but it is there.

During the examination of your skin using our advanced photographic system, we will show you the accumulated effects of sun damage to your skin. While the tan from sunning does go away, the damage that lies under the skin does not. There is evidence that there is no such thing as a safe tan.

Sun damage may cause Lax skin.  This results in the reduction in the amount of moisture-holding proteins and collagen in the skin. In addition, it interferes with the production of new collagen. Sun damage also affects Elastin fibres. That is to say, they no longer spread evenly throughout the skin, but they now accumulate in clumps, creating a pebbled uneven texture to the skin.

The Rosenthal Clinic offers a variety of treatments for sun damage. The best course of action can be established during your consultation to determine any relevant medical factors and timescales that may affect choice of treatment.



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