Laser Hair Removal


At the Rosenthal Clinic, we have several different lasers designed to provide safe treatment for all skin types – whether you are very dark or extremely fair.

Inmode Diolaze®  is the first high-speed diode laser to deliver uncompromising power and efficacy. Inmode Diolaze® outperforms other high-speed systems that are available. 

For rapid hair removal over larger areas of the body, either Inmode Diolaze or the Cutera Prowave 770 are used. Our Cutera CoolGuide®  system offers solutions for all skin types as well as smaller zones such as on the face. This is the safest device for those with darker skin. With these three technologies, we offer a complete answer to your laser hair removal needs.

A test patch may be required to determine your suitability for the treatment best suited to your needs.  Together we will formulate a custom treatment program that will achieve optimum hair reduction in the safest, most comfortable manner.

Laser Hair removal packages are available for both men and women in all areas of the body.

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Who can benefit from laser hair removal?

Anyone can have their hair removed providing it contains melanin. Naturally red and blonde hair colours do not act as a target for the laser and cannot effectively be treated. Gray hair also lacks the necessary pigment for the laser. That is why it is important to treat unwanted hair before it turns gray.


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