Hands tend to show unwanted effects of aging even before other areas of the body and can be a dead give away as to our age. Without treatment, these changes are difficult to mask. The appearance of the hands is usually not given priority and tend to be overlooked when we consider what we can do to maintain a youthful appearance. While extreme care is often taken of the face, we frequently see the hands looking ‘out of sync’ after treatments such as Soft Lift™ or other treatments to the face. Sometimes you may want to specifically deal with the aged look of one’s hands. 

Age-related thinning of the skin and loss of fat leaves the hands looking more skeletonized with tendons and veins more apparent. With the inevitable exposure to ultraviolet light (in addition to the damaging effects of infrared radiation and air pollution), brown spots and precancerous skin changes can also appear. Fortunately, solutions exist to counter these changes.

What can be done?

By using laser or radiofrequency treatments together with appropriate cosmeceuticals, the quality of the skin can be improved, and brown spots erased. Fillers can be injected to mimic the appearance of fat, thereby concealing the tendons and veins. 


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