Headaches and Back Pain


Headaches can result from a medical disorder such as a migraines, high blood pressure, anxiety, or depression. Headaches can lead to other problems such as absence from work or school. As headaches can be a symptom of a serious condition, it is important to speak with your physician to have an accurate diagnosis. It is best to do this before the headaches become more severe, regular, or persistent. If your physician diagnoses you with migraines, pain issues related to the jaw, or any other muscular-tension related pain, BOTOX ® may provide localized relief.

Previously, we observed that some patient’s tension headaches were relieved after their BOTOX cosmetic treatment.

Following an injury, headaches and back pain commonly develop. For example, motor vehicle accidents, or a bad fall are circumstances that can cause head and back pain. BOTOX may be a viable treatment. Contact Rosenthal Clinic to further discuss if BOTOX is for you.

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