Rosacea is characterized by extreme redness in the cheeks, forehead, or other areas of the face. It may also appear on the neck or chest. In some cases pimples and the appearance of blood vessels  may be visible. Rosacea can have the appearance of acne and produce acne-like effects. This can be quite distressing to the person affected. There are a variety of triggers, including ultraviolet exposure, or food and lifestyle, that can cause a flare up of Rosacea.

Redness is the effect of dilated blood vessels and the increase in blood flow. This may appear after blushing, exercise, eating spicy foods, drinking alcohol, and increasing body temperature.

The cause of rosacea is unknown. Unfortunately, there is no cure, but plenty can be done to minimize the effect. During your consultation we can establish the best course of action. At this point, we can determine any relevant medical factors and timescales that may affect your choice of treatment.


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