Specifically created for the condition “double chin“, Belkyra™ (also known as Kybella®), is a non-surgical treatment that has been approved by Health Canada and the FDA to reduce the fat lying below the chin.

Belkyra™ is a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid. This substance, which occurs naturally in our body, leads to the destruction of the fat cells at the injection site. As a result, you will notice an improved contour. In addition to the loss of fat, the treatment also leads to some firming of the tissues.

Belkyra Double Chin Treatment

Usually, you will require multiple treatment sessions. This varies depending on the amount of fat that needs to be dissolved. These treatments are provided by Dr. Rosenthal.
We will require a consultation to ensure this treatment is right for you.


Double Chin

The fullness of a double chin occurs in many people and is an accumulation of stubborn fat that often seems impervious to dieting.  Hereditary reasons as well as being over ideal weight can lead to this condition. Previously aside from diet which doesn't always help, surgical methods were the only...

Excess Fat

Fat can be either subcutaneous (under the skin) or visceral (internal abdominal).  You can 'pinch' subcutaneous fat. Often, many people describe them using the term 'love handles' or 'muffin top'. We only treat subcutaneous fat.