Sun Protection: Fact or Fiction?

Sun Protection: Fact or Fiction?

Do you know your UV Sun Facts?

Do you know your UV Sun Facts?

I never suntan and I rarely sit out in the sun or spend long hours outdoors. I work inside so I don’t need to wear sunscreen. 


Very damaging UVA rays appear all year long and Victoria, BC is no different. Last week a newcomer from Saudi Arabia came for a skin consultation regarding their skin. “I live in hot sun all year long back home but here your sun is intense, it burns me.” Interesting!  We have a cooler climate most days of the year and when the sun comes out, Victorians are like bees to honey.  We seem desperate for sunshine. It amazes us that we still hear the above statement from so many of our visitors.  And so it is our passion that drives us to dedicate our goal of skin health with continual education, spreading the truth regarding the sun’s radiation.

UVA ultraviolet radiation differs from UVB and it is important to know the facts to ensure you are protecting your skin wisely. A simple tool: UVA = Aging, UVB = Burning, can help you remember why you are wearing a sunscreen. UVA, the longest wavelength in solar radiation, can penetrate between 320-400 nanometers deep into the skin on even the coldest winter day. states that UVA accounts for 95% of the radiation hitting the earths surface. We have always known UVA breaks down collagen and causes wrinkles and facial veins over time. More recently it is believed that this powerful ray can support and speed up the development of skin cancers. And, unlike popular belief, you don’t need to be sitting in the sun directly either.  Take a look at these incredible images showing the changes that will inevitably take place when skin is exposed to sun over time. There is no denying that direct and reflected sunshine has dramatically deteriorated the skin.

This woman worked at a desk job for 20 years.  She had a window exposing sunlight to the left side of her face throughout her work day.


This image of a truck driver exposed to sunlight from the driver’s side window during a 28 year career remains the most compelling argument for wearing sunscreen daily.


Long gone are the days of healthy looking dark tans! Short term gains offer long term problems. Make better choices today and care for your skin as you would that of a new born baby. Protect and pamper now and you will reap the benefits for years to come. 

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