Ask the Doctor Q&A with Dr. Gillian Rosenthal

Ask the Doctor Q&A is in response to the questions submitted during our recent Instagram story. We are delighted to publish them complete with recommendations from Dr. Rosenthal. We hope that this may prompt you into asking more questions leading to the understanding of happier skin.

Ask the Doctor

Client: My Botox has worn off and my wrinkles are back. What can I do to minimize until this is over?

Dr. Rosenthal: Keep the skin well hydrated to plump it up and continue with high quality products that include the following: a retinol, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and sunscreen.


Client: Do at-home peels work? What do they do? Which brand do you recommend?

Dr. Rosenthal: Products containing AHA (hydroxy acids) and BHA (beta hydroxy acids) can help shed the superficial layer of dead cells that leave the skin looking dull while stimulating the fibroblasts in the underlying dermis. Avoid using AHA and BHA in products that act as scrubs because this can lead to inflammation which may manifest as dryness, sensitivity and redness. The Superficial chemical peels used at our clinic are effective without the mechanical irritation brought about by scrubs.

At home, you could try products such as SkinMedica AHA/BHA Cream or Vivier AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cream (these are not scrubs). If you have sensitive skin, I recommend starting out using them no more than twice a week.


Client: Which products or treatments are best for hypersensitive, acne– prone skin and fine lines?

Dr. Rosenthal: AnteAGEMD works effectively on all hypersensitive skin. Use AnteAGEMD Serum together with the AnteAGEMD Accelerator, twice a day.

For acne-prone skin I also recommend the AnteAGEMD system. You can also try Vivier Acne Treatment System plus Vivier Ultimage or SkinMedica HA5 or an oil-free moisturiser. Be aware that pimples may be due to problems other than acne. Unless your problem has been confirmed as truly being due to acne, you would be wise to choose the AnteAGEMD system because acne look-alikes such as Rosacea can be irritated by some of the ingredients included in acne treatments.

Fine lines develop as a result of thinning of the tissues. This can be minimized by preventing damage to the skin from ultra violet and blue light, pollution and smoking. Production of collagen and elastin to stimulate the tissues can be enhanced by the combination of anti-oxidants, a retinol, and growth factors. The appearance of the skin can also be improved by adequate hydration. You can use AnteAGEMD system (which provides all of the above).  As an alternative look for products such as SkinMedica HA5, Retinol Complex and Vitamin C+E Complex or Vivier Ultimage, Retinol and CE Peptides. Always apply an adequate UVA/UVB sunscreen.


Client: How do I get rid of the fine lines around my mouth?

Dr. Rosenthal: See the preceding answer until we are again able to provide treatments.


Client: No matter what I do my face is always bumpy. I exfoliate often, are my pores clogged?

Dr. Rosenthal: Sometimes bumpiness can be due to clogged pores. In those case, I recommend the use of salicylic acid plus a retinol or bakuchiol (produces the benefits of a retinoid without causing irritation and dry skin). If there is redness along with the bumpiness, I would suspect that your skin is inflamed and I recommend using the AnteAGEMD system (which contains bakuchiol) because it is ideal for inflamed skin. I do not recommend AHA and BHA unless there are open comedones aka blackheads.


Client: I am wondering about options for dry skin?

Dr. Rosenthal: I recommend products containing hyaluronic acid and glycerin.  Excessive stripping of the skin’s oils can cause dryness. Now that frequent hand washing with soap or 70% alcohol is advisable, apply a good moisturizer soon after. Products containing glycerin tend to be most effective. Skin may look dry when it is inflamed so if it is accompanied by irritation, continue with the use of a moisturizer containing glycerin but stop using other products that could be the source of the irritation.


Client: How often should I exfoliate?

Dr. Rosenthal: Not more than twice a week. Do not be over-zealous as that could lead to skin irritation. Use light pressure and circular motion for best results. If your skin is sensitive, flushed or has visible facial veins, opt for AHA/BHA lotion or creams instead of physical scrubs.


Client: Is there a good product (brand) to remove makeup?

Dr. Rosenthal: Glo Skin Beauty’s Gentle Makeup Remover. This makeup remover is our go-to at the clinic when preparing our patients for treatments. It gently and effectively removes all traces of makeup. This non-oily formula has been both allergy and clinically tested to be non-irritating for the delicate eye area. Anti-inflammatory and hydrating ingredients leave the skin softened and soothed.


Client: What are your thoughts on double cleansing?

Dr. Rosenthal: “double cleansing” refers to the process of first removing heavier makeup and sunscreens then following with a skin cleansing step. Effective cleansing is like starting with a clean canvas. It helps maximize the benefits of the skin care products that can control, protect and hydrate in the morning and enhance repair at night.