Soft Lift™

What is Soft Lift™

Soft Lift is a revolutionary approach to obtaining fast amazing results in restoring that youthful look.

No longer do you even have to contemplate surgical procedures to regain a youthful and fresh appearance. At The Rosenthal Clinic, Dr. Gillian Rosenthal has carried out many Soft Lift procedures on people who want an immediate non-invasive way to shed years from their appearance.

As we age subtle changes to our face continuously take place. These natural changes of loss of volume which we term deflation, and the downward shift of fat and tissue result in folds, lines, wrinkles, sagging skin and thinning of the lips.

Soft Lift involves the use of BOTOX® to reduce or eliminate lines and Juvederm® (Dermal Filler) to replace the loss of volume by re-sculpting while actually “lifting” the face. The effect gained from re-inflating the cheek areas alone can be astonishing as you see it immediately happen and the lines and folds literally disappear. The change can be made gradually if you require a not so dramatic change. During the treatment it is essential that you interact with Dr. Rosenthal to ensure that you gain the look that you alone can define.