Veins and Vessels

This is a treatment used to eliminate unsightly veins by injecting fluid into the veins followed by the application of external compression. Smaller veins can be treated this way but may also respond to laser therapy.

Spider Veins

These are tiny veins that can be dark red or blue in color. They are often seen in the legs and look like the branches of a tree or can resemble a spider’s web. Spider veins are found close to the surface of the skin and can be present on the face and occasionally other areas of the body.  Only spider veins large enough to be injected are treated with Sclerotherapy. Some veins are too small for adequate treatment with needlework, and therefore laser therapy is recommended over Sclerotherapy.

Dr. Rosenthal may assess your veins during your consultation and determine if they can be treated. If you are suffering from pain or advanced leg vein conditions, please contact your physician and request a referral to a vein specialist. Dr. Rosenthal treats veins for cosmetic purposes only.

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