eCO2 Fractional Laser

What is eCO2® Fractional Laser and how does it work?

The eCO2 Fractional Laser, a newer generation to Fraxel Re:pair, is a state of the art laser system using a technology that breaks up the carbon dioxide laser beam into many finer beams ( micro-fractions) that result in a minimally invasive procedure to the surface of the skin that leaves areas of the skin intact so they will assist in fast recovery. This fractional carbon dioxide laser can give astonishing results in only one treatment. You can now easily and with minimal downtime regain that youthful look. The treatment stimulates new collagen production and shrinks the skin.

What are the uses for the eCO2® Fractional Laser?

The eCO2 can show an astonishing improvement in fine lines and wrinkles (crow’€™s feet is a good example), the effects of sun-damage, discoloration, small veins and skin laxity. This laser is very effective in the removal of scars including acne scars that may have persisted for many years. Skin tags and some other pigmented lesions are also easily treated with the eCO2. Improvement in texture of the skin can be amazing.