Belkyra for double chins

Treatment for:

Double Chin

What is Belkyra and how does it work?

Belkyra, also known as Kybella in the U.S.A., is a non-surgical treatment that has been specifically created to minimize what is commonly known as a double chin.  This fullness occurs in many people, and is an accumulation of stubborn fat that often seems impervious to dieting.  Hereditary reasons as well as being over ideal weight can lead to this condition.

Belkyra is approved by Health Canada – specifically for the treatment of this condition. In the USA, it is approved by the FDA.  Belkyra is a non-surgical treatment.

Belkyra, a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a naturally occuring substance found in our bodies, that destroys fat cells and it is administered by a series of injections.  At The Rosenthal Clinic, these injections are provided by Dr. Rosenthal.

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belkyra1 belkyra2

After 3 treatments of Belkyra

beklyra3  belkyra4

After 4 treatments of Belkyra