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What Our Patients Say

What can I say? I am the beautiful, newly transformed woman in the picture. I am ‘over the moon’ thrilled with the results. Now I feel as good outside as I do inside. I am extremely thankful for the Professional Rosenthal Team who were ever so patient and considerate of my first time experience. It goes without saying… they are amazing! Hollywood here I come! *

More Testimonials

I can’t believe what a difference the THERMIva made to my day to day life. Best thing I did for myself in years. I’d highly recommend the internal and external combo. I didn’t try both until my 3rd session, now I wish I did it from the start. What a difference. Thank you Dr. Rosenthal for helping me with such a private and embarrassing condition.*

#sadface is GONE! That was the nickname I seemed to be unconsciously claiming and I didn’t like it any longer. I am so tired of people telling me I look sad. Thanks to Dr. Rosenthal and her incredibly artistic talents, I am no longer #sadface! I really had no idea how sad I looked until it was corrected. Thrilled is not even descriptive enough to say how I am feeling today. Thank you thank you thank you Dr. Rosenthal. I finally feel myself again.*

Best place to get HydraFacials, bar none. I’ve been to several places, including the mainland and there is no comparison.*

I swim daily and can’t believe what a difference having my underarms treated with laser hair removal at The Rosenthal Clinic. It was fast, what I would call painless and my oh my, I am so thankful to not have a 5 o’clock shadow under my arms now.  Thank you for making the experience so lovely.*

Just the best thing I ever did!  The spots on my face really bothered me, now they are gone.*

Ulthera treatment is wonderful!  2 months since treatment and my results are fab.*

Whether I come for product or treatment I feel energized.  You girls make my day!*

Loving the results from the Venus Freeze on my stomach and face along with the other treatments.  I am very appreciative of the care the staff provide.  You are great at making people feel comfortable.*

Everyone here is so nice.  The atmosphere is very welcoming.*

The procedures provided by Dr. Rosenthal are amazing.  The improvement is astounding especially when compared to what I looked like before the initial treatment.  The whole experience is worth every penny.*

The Rosenthal Clinic staff made me feel very special.  Attention to my needs was truly amazing. Thank You!*

The Rosenthal Clinic staff is genuinely friendly and very helpful.  I feel so comfortable with all the girls.*

Such a wonderful experience!  Really, really wish I hadn’t waited so long.*

I have worn makeup to bed for years to hide my facial veins, even from my husband. I am thrilled with results from my treatment and now go to bed makeup free and wear less makeup overall.  Thank you Rosenthal Clinic! I should have done this years ago.*

Privacy and discretion is a thing for me, and I can attest that at The Rosenthal Clinic – I had no worries whatsoever.*

Extremely pleased with the results of my cosmetic procedure and the fantastic professionalism of Dr. Rosenthal.*

Thank you to the staff at the Rosenthal Clinic; it’s been a pleasure as always.*

Having a full time doctor present in the clinic at all times means something to me.*

I loved the evening information session that I attended. It was great seeing the actual treatments demo-ed and at the same time being able to personally ask the doctor.*

I like Dr. Rosenthal’s attention to detail.*

At my 50th so many of my friends were shocked to see how great I looked…like I was turning 35 or 40.*