Rosenthal Clinic


The Rosenthal Clinic offers a wide variety of the latest available medical aesthetic treatments, products and services. We pride ourselves on having been able to put together a very effective range of treatments, products and services that deliver the best possible results in improving your skin, slowing down and combating the effects of aging and dealing with troublesome issues such as acne and actinic keratoses.

Just click on any of the conditions or treatments that are listed and you will find information, frequently asked questions, pictures and more.

Our new and modern facilities provide a convenient and private setting where you will feel comfortable when dealing with our highly trained staff. Our clinic operates under the constant supervision of our medical director-Dr. Gillian Rosenthal.

She may take part in your consultation and in some cases will be the person doing the treatment and all injectables are done only by Dr. Rosenthal.

None of our staff are paid on commission as we only are interested in you getting the treatment, service or product that you need. We believe in an informed client and provide written material, answer all questions and guarantee a no pressure environment in which you can make the decisions.

Our services include the latest fractional laser treatments that can deliver amazing results in restoring your skin, the Soft Lift approach to immediate restoration and renewal of the youthful look we all desire.

If your interest is in cosmeceuticals we have trained cosmeticians who can advise on our excellent selection of products that we deem to be the best available.