Redness and Rosacea

What is Redness and Rosacea?

The cause of rosacea is unknown but there are now a variety of treatment options. Rosacea can have the appearance of acne and produce acne-like effects and this can be quite distressing to the person affected. ^M
Rosacea is characterized by redness in the cheeks, forehead or other areas of the face, and it can also appear on the neck and chest. In some cases pimples and the appearance of small blood vessels may be visible. ^M
While there is no cure there is a lot of help that can be given to deal with and minimize the effects of rosacea and redness.

What treatments are available to treat redness and Rosacea

The Rosenthal Clinic offers numerous ways to effectively treat redness and Rosacea. The best course of action can only really be established with at your free personal consultation to determine any relevant medical factors and timescales that may affect choice of treatment.