Excess Fat and Fat Reduction

What is Excess Fat?

Fat can be either subcutaneous (under the skin) or visceral (internal abdominal).  You can ‘pinch’ subcutaneous fat and many people have often used the term ‘love handles’ which is an example of subcutaneous fat.  Subcutaneous fat can appear on several areas of the body.  This is the fat we treat.

Many people are concerned with body image and subcutaneous fat is a constant visible reminder.

Men and women, even close to their ideal body weight can have a specific area of fat that does not respond to diet or exercise. These areas include the ‘love – handles’, ‘saddlebags’ and localized fat on the upper arms, under the chin (‘turkey neck’), on the abdomen, areas of the back and on the buttocks, inner and outer thigh (‘saddlebags’). Many women are frustrated by fat that accumulates on the abdomen above surgical scars from a caesarian section or hysterectomy.  A condition men are faced with called Gynecomastia is now treatable without surgery.

We offer treatments to get rid of excess fat – CoolSculpting®, BodyFx, Venus Legacy, ThermiRF and Lipotherapy. Contact us and book a no charge consultation where we can assess your individual concern and with you pick the treatment that in your case would be the most effective.