Acne scarring

What is acne scarring?

Unfortunately acne scarring is a frequent occurrence and the unsightly damage to the skin can be difficult to treat but fortunately there are now effective methods to minimize the scarring.

Acne scarring results from the lesions created by the body when reacting to the acne causing bacteria. Scarring will worsen if the active acne is not treated, but after the acne is gone the scarring remains and gets to be more noticeable as our skin ages.

Recent advances in laser therapy now offer effective treatments in minimizing the effects of acne scarring.

What treatments are available for acne scarring?

Both non-ablative Mosaic and ablative eco2 lasers can be used and both treatments are available at the Rosenthal Clinic. We also offer another approach based upon the use of Laser Genesis.  We also offer drug free and very effective Photo Dynamic Therapy (Blu – U) using Levulan. The selection of a treatment is dependent on several factors such as your skin type, and your treatment objectives. At your free consultation we will advise you of the alternatives available to you.